Working With Form Objects

In this blog post we will be taking a look at how you can work with form objects in MS Access.

Using the collection Controls of a form, all controls can be cycled through and only those of a particular type can be targeted.  In the following example all controls of the form are checked for 1) their type and 2) the section in which they appear.  If a control is a text box and is in the Detail Section of the form its value is outputted in the Immediate Window.

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim c As Variant
    For Each c In Me.Form.Controls
    'Me.Form.Controls is collection native to Access
        If c.ControlType = acTextBox And c.Section = acDetail Then
        'if the control is a text box and is in the detail section
            Debug.Print c.Name & " = '" & c & "'"
            'print out the name of the control and its value
            'e.g. MobilePhone = '7654321'
        End If    
End Sub

Checking if a Form is loaded

To check whether a form is currently open or not use the CurrentProject.AllForms collection which has an IsLoaded function which returns true if the form is loaded.  CurrentProject also contains all the other All* collections.

To run this function, enter ? isMyFormOpen(“frmStudentsDataEntry”) in the immediate window and click the return key (we are assuming that you are using the provided database).

Function isMyFormOpen(frmName As String) As Boolean
'This a very useful function. Save it and use it!
  isMyFormOpen = CurrentProject.AllForms(frmName).IsLoaded
End Function

Referencing Controls

Me keyword

When in a form module, the Me keyword refers to the form itself. It is, therefore, a quick way of referring to the form.

Private Sub cmdMyName_Click()
    MsgBox Me.Form.Name ' msgbox opens with the form’s name
End Sub

Private Sub cmdLastNameField_Click()
MsgBox Me.Form!LastName ' msgbox opens display content of LastName
'Move between records and click this button
End Sub

Full Form Reference

Referencing the form itself can be performed by writing:

Private Sub cmdFullFormReference_Click()
MsgBox Forms("frmStudentsDataEntry").Name ' msgbox opens with the form's name
End Sub

You may also reference another form if it is open.

Private Sub cmdReferenceOtherForm_Click()
If CurrentProject.AllForms("frmTeachersDataEntry").IsLoaded Then
'Check whether the form is loaded
    Forms("frmTeachersDataEntry").Filter = "[TeacherID]=3"
    'Set the filter
    Forms("frmTeachersDataEntry").FilterOn = True
    'Turn filter on
    Forms("frmTeachersDataEntry").Controls("FirstName") = "We have reference another form!"
    'Set value of FirstName
    MsgBox "Please open frmTeachersDataEntry and retry"
End If
End Sub


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