Using Templates and Examples

In this post, we talk you through downloading a sample database using MS Access.

Access has several templates and sample database applications available for download and install.

The purpose of these programs is to demonstrate the capabilities of Access. These are worth using as a learning tool, as when you download one of the free databases you will receive a good set of tables with normalised structure and data, defined relationships, several queries, some quite advanced functional forms, reports and a substantial amount of VBA/Macro code to learn from.

To download the Northwind database:


  • Open up the Backstage View by clicking the File tab in the top left-hand corner.
  • Click New.
  • In the Templates search bar enter Northwind.
  • Click the arrow button.
  • Click on Desktop Northwind 2007 sample Database.
  • Change the location of the project by clicking the folder icon.
  • Change the name of the project by modifying the File Name.
  • Download the project by clicking Download.

You will now have the Northwind database available to open on your desktop.

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