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  • Evie says:

    Realize this post is quite old, but I need the 2 combo boxes to update matching fields on another table with the chosen value. I have a table for subtask group and another for subtask analysts joined as per your example, however I have a subtasks table with a field for group and analyst and I want the related form to use the combo boxes so users will be presented with the appropriate choices, then I want the values chosen for each of the 2 combo boxes to populate the relevant field on the subtask table. Does that make sense? Best way to do that?

  • Robert Bent says:

    Like the rest…thanks. I have used Access on and off for years and never got this function to work. While the combo boxes work perfectly in my form, categories and sub-categories, the bound fields are the index and foreign keys. The object of my exercise is to insert the names, as they appear in the combo boxes, in an underlying table. Since the bound column is the index, it is this index that is inserted. How can I correct this?

  • Jim Piazza says:

    your videos have been very helpful. Question: I duplicated this in my own database and its working. However when I open up the form within a navigation form (with tabs on the left) I get the “Enter Parameter Value” message box. When I enter a value in the box, it works. Thoughts?


  • Stephen says:

    How do you make sure that they don’t save a form with the wrong “combo”
    e.g. I have director and films. if they change Director, and the previously selected film isn’t one of his I’d like it to error when they navigate to the next record, or highlight the combo as red background… or both.

  • Candy Ratcliff says:

    Will this work for a list box instead of combo box?