In this blog post we discuss the DoEvents method in VBA.

DoEvents is a simple command that pauses a loop and allows the operating system to carry out any tasks that have been queued.

If you have a loop that can take a significant time to fire, DoEvents enables the loop to pause at periodic intervals. In the code below, we have created a very long loop and added in a DoEvents command every 1 second or so.

Sub CPUTask()
    Dim t As Double, zzz As Single
    Debug.Print "CPUTask2 Start Now() = " & Now()
    For t = 1 To 100000000
    'We create a loop that will take 5-10 seconds to
        zzz = zzz + (t / 2)
        If (t Mod 10000000) = 0 Then
            'DoEvents pauses the loop so the operating
            'system can perform queued functions
            Debug.Print t
        End If
    Debug.Print "CPUTask End Now() = " & Now()
End Sub
CPUTask Start Now() = 25/12/2012 14:52:07
CPUTask End Now() = 25/12/2012 14:52:18

DoEvents is a useful function so you can create long loops that don’t hold up the operating system.

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