08 – Arrays And Collections

In this post, we will be taking a look at Arrays and Collections.

Computing is all about sets of similar looking data; appointments, files, pictures, addresses, UDP packets, tracks, database records, patient records, library records, lots of records.  These different data structures inside our programs, computers, hard-drives and memory will be stored as repeating rows making up arrays and collections.  Mostly, computing is about processing these arrays and collections of data, and those arrays and collections is what this unit is all about...

List of topics covered:

  • Declaring Arrays
  • Referencing Arrays
  • Fixed Length and Dynamic Arrays
  • ReDim and Preserve
  • Fixed vs Dynamic Arrays
  • Variant Arrays
  • Erasing an Array
  • Split Function
  • Join Function
  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays
  • Collections
  • Relationships with Objects
  • Properties Associated with Objects
  • Practical Uses of Collections : Form and Report Controls
  • Collections: Control. ControlType
  • Checking if a Form is loaded
  • Referencing Controls
  • Me keyword
  • Full Form Reference
  • Sub Form Reference
  • Common Errors
  • Not Releasing Memory
  • Out of Memory
  • Sloooooow Response Times
  • Exception: Out of Bounds

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