03 – Global Class Modules

One of the best things about working with MS Access is the ability to use global variables, functions and procedures. This means that we are able to call globally declared code from anywhere within the application and is very useful for being able to keep code centralised yet accessible. Oh, and by the way, we can do the same with class modules...

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  • David says:

    Hi Long,

    Take a look at video ’05/28 – Variable Scope – MS Access VBA Intermediate Tutorials’ for a good explanation of declaring Private and Public variables

  • LONG NGUYEN says:


    I’m new to access and just joined you as an annual-level member. this video doesn’t include the important features that teach me how to open the editor, link this codes to a form, and run and step through the codes.
    I want to be able to create a variable that I can refer to from many form in the application until I renew its value or logout. Can you show me?