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Compilation Explained

In this blog post we will examine compilation and the effect it has on the code you write. Compilation is the act of converting our human readable code ( VBA) into code the computer understands.  It may also be that your code is compiled into an intermediary format often called object code.  Either way, this […]

Visual Basic Editor Options

In this blog post we take a look at some of the options available in the Visual Basic Editor (press ALT + F11 to open). VBA has a concise set of options and tools which you can set to change behaviour of the editor and debugger.  All are useful tools to help make coding easier […]

Immediate Window

In this blog post we look at how you can use the immediate window whilst coding. The immediate window is a fantastic tool for testing and debugging code. Here are a few simple commands (open the immediate window and type these in directly, then press return): Debug.print “Hello World” Print “Foobarbar” ? “bar foo foo […]


In this blog post we will discuss debugging and provide you with some simple tips for debugging your code. In VBA when we write code, it often doesn’t work how we expect it to or we think it is working fine but need to be sure before handing it over to a client. For this […]

Basic Tools for Writing Code

In this blog post, we provide you with some basic tools for writing VBA code. The VBA Editor incorporates a number of useful features which help you whilst you are writing code.  Here we’ll take a closer look at a few code writing features of the VBA editor. Line Continuation Character When we write code, […]

The VBA Editor Explained

In this blog post, we explain how the VBA editor works. There are four main areas of the editor that you need to know about.  The Code Window The Code Window is where all your VBA code will be written. It has syntax highlighting, which means keywords in VBA, – such as Function, CStr, Return […]

Opening The VBA Editor

In this blog post, we will show you how to open the VBA editor. The above image is the VBA Editor with three areas highlighted; the Project Explorer, Code Window and Immediate Window.  This is what is known as an Integrated Development Environment (which means everything you need to write programs and code are all […]