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In this post, we introduce the concept of indexes in MS Access. Open up a table in design view. You should see the Ribbon below. Click on the indexes button. The dialog box that opens up shows us all the indexes for a table.  In this case there is one index called Primary Key, which […]

How To Set A Primary Key

In this post, we demonstrate a couple of different ways to set the primary key in MS Access. A Primary Key is defined as “a unique key that can uniquely identify each row in a table”. The actual Key itself can be an auto-generated ID number, a known unique number (such as a social security […]

Field Data Types

In this post, we explain what the different data types in MS Access mean. Here are a list of data types in MS Access. Text (2013 Short Text) A String 0 to 255 characters long. Memo (2013 Long Text) A String up to 64,000 characters long. Number A Number holds numbers. You will be safe […]

Adding Fields To A Table

In this post, we show you how to add fields to a table. Open up an MS Access table in design view. We add fields to our table by entering field names in the Field Name column.  Each field must have a unique name within the table environment and it should be easily discernible from […]

How To Create A New Table In Access

In this post, we show you how to create a new table in MS Access and give a brief explanation of the table designer. To begin with, we ask access to make a blank table for us.  Go to the create tab on the ribbon and then click on table design. Table Design View   […]