03 – Tables

In this post we will be examining tables, data types and primary keys. Being able to manipulate tables is a fundamental requirement of working with Microsoft Access. We will be showing you how to work with different data types, how to set primary keys, how indexing works and much more.

List of topics covered:

  • Creating a New Table
  • Table Design View
  • Adding Fields
  • Save the Table
  • Data Types
  • Primary Keys
  • Setting the Primary Key
  • Indexes and Primary Keys
  • Composite Primary Keys - InvoiceLines
  • Default Values and Field Properties
  • Datasheet View
  • Adding A New Record
  • Deleting A Record
  • Navigating the Datasheet
  • Updating Records
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Printing Records
  • Formatting the Datasheet
  • Background Colour and Alternate Rows
  • Adding Records
  • Field Lookups

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