Sorting and Filtering A Record In Datasheet View

In this post, we will be showing you how to sort and filter a record in Datasheet view.

Access has an array of filtering and sorting tools which are accessible in the Sort & Filter group on the Ribbon

 The Sort And Filter Group Of The Ribbon

Let’s put them to use.

Filtering a Datasheet

In order to perform any sorting or filtering actions on a field, you must first click into any record within that field. Here we have clicked into the UnitPrice field of ItemID 1.  Choosing A Record
Click on the filter button.  The Filter Button
A drop down menu will appear. Click on one of the items. We are clicking on Laptop.  The Filter Drop Down Menu
The datasheet will now only return records that match the chosen value in the chosen field.  The Returned Filter
Click on the remove filter icon to remove the filter.  The Sort Button

Sorting A Field

Click on the Ascending button in the Sort & Filter group.  Sorting Ascending
The records will now be sorted in ascending order based on the chosen field.  Sorted Records
Clicking on the Descending button sorts the records in descending order based on the Description field.  Sorted Descending
To remove all sorts click on the Remove Sort button.  Removing The Sort

We hope this has helped you to be able to sort and filter records in datasheet view going forward.

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