Formatting A Datasheet

In this blog post we show you how to format a datasheet in MS Access.

Although, generally, datasheets are boring grey forms that we can use to sort and filter data, we can actually format them to make their appearance more appealing. Open up a form in datasheet view.

Background Colour and Alternate Rows

Click on the icon inside the red circle to bring up the Datasheet Formatting dialog box  Datasheet Formatting Dialog Box
Using this dialog box you can:

  • Change the background color.
  • Change the alternate background color.
  • Change the cell effect.
  • Choose whether to display gridlines.
  • Choose the gridline colors.
 Formatted Datasheet

These options can make datasheets look more pleasing (although we accept the one above is not to everyone’s taste). If you are developing for a company you can use row colors to match their company logos (definite extra bonus points)!

Feel free to change the appearance of datasheets and make your applications more interesting.

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