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What We Can Do For You

Here at we can either help you to write a database or if that is not what you want, we can write it for you! We are specialists in:

  • MS Access
  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • MS Outlook
  • MS PowerPoint
  • SQL Server
  • MS Sharepoint


Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a very cost effective solution for database development. It provides differing solutions that range from inventory management, project management, issue tracking, reservation booking systems through to transaction processing systems, management information systems and decision support systems.

Access also provides a fully integrated web functionality which means Access is now online!


“I had been trying to create a database to improve the efficiency of my business but had encountered some problems that I couldn’t solve. I contacted Access All In One and they helped me to finish my application to a better standard than I could ever have imagined!”

Raquel Requena – Director of RNR Marketing

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet solution of choice for millions of people worldwide. Excel is essentially a data analysis tool that gives individuals and businesses the ability to analyse data and make decisions based on that analysis. MS Excel has a wide range of features including:


  • Charting
  • Pivot tables and charts
  • Scenario Management
  • What If Management
  • Web connection
  • Functional analysis
  • Excel services


SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system whose most important function is to store and retrieve data. SQL server uses Transact-SQL which is a very powerful language used to maintain and retrieve data.

SQL Server often represents the “next step” in the evolution of an Access database and can work seamlessly with MS Access. It is quite common to use MS Access as the “front end” interface whilst SQL Server is used to store the data.



Microsoft SharePoint is a collaborative platform used for document sharing. It also comes in handy as the host for Access and Excel Services.

MS SharePoint can be used to ensure that all company documentation can be kept in one place with different users having different levels of control. It also incorporates functionality such as Wikis and web Parts that enable true collaboration between users.


Automation describes the way in which different Microsoft applications can be manipulated from other applications. For example, it is possible to query data in MS Access and then send that data to a Word document for posting or an Excel Workbook for analysis.

The Cloud

The Cloud is the new “in thing” with programming, and with good reason. The idea behind Cloud based applications is that they are available anywhere, anytime through the power of the internet. Microsoft have embraced the cloud through Sharepoint and Access/Excel services. Databases can go online and be accessible through a browser or through a desktop Access application.

How We Work

We try and keep things as simple as possible and take the hassle out of building applications. We have a 3-step process that we have used successfully over a number of years.

1. Audit

2. Application analysis

3. Iteration


In order to make sure the the application meets your requirements we need to carry out an audit. The audit will encompass such things as:

  • Hardware requirements
  • Software requirements
  • Business processes
  • Data security

Application analysis

Once we have completed our audit, we start getting into the detail of the application. This will involve us understanding exactly what you want from an application. We need to understand as much about the application as possible before commencing work and we need to stay in contact with you to do that!


Once we begin building the application, we work iteratively. This means that we complete certain parts of the application and get them signed off by yourself before moving on to the next stage. Our customers prefer this style of working as they can see continual improvements to the application and as they see it develop they can really zero in on the exact type of application they want.

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