02 – Data Modelling And Normalisation

In this post we will be looking at the Data Modelling and Normalisation. We will be looking at the way data is handled by Access and the how you should be breaking your data down into tables and relating them.

List of topics covered:

  • Databases, Data Models and Normalisation
  • Introduction to Databases
  • Data Modelling
  • Relationships
  • Many-to-Many Relationships
  • One-to-Many Relationship
  • Normalisation
  • 0th Normal Form – 0NF
  • 1st Normal Form – 1NF
  • 2nd Normal Form
  • 3rd Normal Form
  • Data Integrity
  • Access as a Relational Database System
  • Cascade Delete
  • Cascade Update
  • The Access Relationship Diagram

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1 Comment

  • Chas Chandler says:

    Hi I have only just found your site and subscribed straight away for a year, I really appreciate the quality, presentation, delivery style and time taken to explain all the concepts and procedures, I have been looking for something as comprehensive as this for a while and up until now have not really found anything that suits my needs.
    Please continue as you are and I am particularly interested in updating junction tables with VBA and allowing the use of message boxes and input forms to guide the user up to the point of confirming data entry and or cancelling the operation before commiting those chages to the database. However, as I said I have only just found your site and still have lots to explore, once again many thanks for your time and committment,