Monthly Archives: July 2014

05 – Excel Automation (Advanced Code)

In the previous post, we gave you some code to import from Excel into an existing table. That code is absolutely fine for most circumstances but we thought you might like to improve on it a little… In this post, we add the ability to select your Excel file using a File Picker and a […]

04 – Excel Automation (Standard Code)

In this post, we will be showing you how to use VBA to import from an Excel file. Although Access comes with built-in importing functionality, sometimes you will want extra control over how the data is being imported. You might not want to import data into one single table or you may wish to convert […]

01 – Excel Importing – Introduction

The ability to import data from Excel is a very useful feature of the Office suite. Access has its own in-built importing capabilities but sometimes these are not enough and we require VBA to give us more control over the process. In this series of posts we will be taking you through the basics of […]