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Database Functions

In this post, we will be taking a look at Database Functions (D-Functions) and providing some examples of their usage. Database Functions are an extremely useful feature in MS Access. They allow you to make quick queries of the database without having to write complicated SQL or open up recordsets and can help you to […]

Logical Operators

Logical Operators Logical operations work with Boolean expressions to yield an answer for expressions. Individually they are quite straightforward but can be combined to create complex expressions. And Operator The And operator requires 2 Boolean values, gives a True answer when both sides of the argument are also True, otherwise False. A logic table demonstrates […]

Multidimensional Arrays

Multidimensional Arrays In Access it is possible to create an array with more than one dimension. Dim myIntegerArray() as Integer ReDim myIntegerArray(7,52) In the above code, we tell Access to create an array of 364 elements (7×52). In the code below, we create a 3×5 array, fill certain elements with values and print it to […]