10 – Splitting a Database

In this post I will be showing you how to split a database properly so that the Ribbon still works!

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  • 10 - Splitting a Database

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1 Comment

  • Richard Beezley says:

    I have several custom ribbons applied to different forms. These forms are accessed by a navigation control on a main form. When using the full version of Access 2013 the ribbon changes to the assigned sub form ribbon as expected. But when using the runtime version or starting the database with the /runtime switch the ribbon does not change and stays as the original ribbon.

    I initially found in the full version of Access that I had to click on the sub form to make the ribbon change. I was able to get around this by setting the focus to the navigation subform in the click event of each navigation button. When using the runtime version the ribbon does not change either with this code or by clicking on the sub form. I have also tried setting the ribbon name property of the sub form from the navigation button and that does not work either.

    Private Sub NavigationButton_Shows_Click()
    Forms![frm_Main]![NavigationSubform].Form.RibbonName = “myShows”
    End Sub

    Again, everything works fine with full version of access, but the ribbons do not change with the runtime version.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.