01 – Switchboard Forms

In this series of posts, we will be taking a look at how you can use switchboard forms to help navigate around your database and to improve efficiency.
What is a Switchboard Form?
It might be better to ask the question "what are navigation forms", first. Having lots of great looking forms and reports is no good to us unless we can open them as and when we require. At no point whilst working with a database do we want to be presented with thirty different options to choose from as that would be too many. On the flip side we do need to be able to get to the form or report we want without having to click on ten different buttons. For these reasons, we use navigation forms. Navigation forms give us a logical structure to follow whereby we can get where we want to go with a minimum of fuss whilst never being presented with too many options. Switchboard forms are one of these types of forms (and probably the most well-known).

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